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Our goal with worship at Temple is to have a Bible-based, theologically sound worship experience. Though traditionally organized,  our worship contains music, texts, and other art forms from across the scope of Christianity, Ancient to Contemporary,  to create a complete worship thought that threads itself through the whole worship service.

Online Worship

We stream  our service over Facebook weekly as well as post the sermon early in the week for those that were not able to make Morning Worship but still want that experience. You can follow us on Facebook to be notified of the stream by clicking here.

Songs of the Church

We understand that music and singing is a core component to the theology of the church. As we pursue to include more contemporary music in our repertoire we want to include everyone in this process. Below you will see link to a Spotify list of some of the contemporary songs we sing as well as a playlist just designed to be songs of comfort that many of us have identified with for a long time. 

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