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Grow with Us

Our Faith is something that develops overtime with prayer, study, and fellowship with other believers to aid us on our journey.

Below we have resources to aid you on your own spiritual journey but also opportunities to engage with our members in small groups or Bible studies throughout the week.

We have partnered with RightNow Media to aid our congregation and community in providing their small groups training and study resources, our leaders interactive lessons, and our families wholsome Christ-centered content. Free for all to use as we see it as a tool of evangelism and a service we can use to engage with our community. Follow along with our church-wide Bible study or just use it as your own resource for study and entertainment.

Small Groups Study & Fellowship

Community is an important part of the the Church. Small Groups is one way we seek to meet the community where they are. Weekly meetings and discipleship among group members are done to grow each other as Christians and encourage growth in the church. We encourage all members to participate as we grow this program. If you are interested do not hesitate to reach out  to our Minister of Christian Formation here.


Women's Bible Study

We offer a weekly Bible led by the women of the church as they work to study scripture guided by various Bible studies and their teacher. This is open to all members as well as other community members.

Meeting Time:  Every Monday @ 10:00am

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Men's Breakfast

Coming together before work weekly for a time of breakfast, fellowship, and devotion the Men's Breakfast is one of our longer lasting ministries and groups here at Temple. The Men's Breakfast will often minister to the church by working the various task that need doing for the church, donating money to a cause in need, or help a struggling neighbor that needs help.

Meeting Time: Tuesday @ 8:30am

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