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Cooking Camp Jr. : An Alternative VBS Experience


Cooking Camp Jr. seeks to teach kids kids life skills but in a way where they experience God and his desire for them to live a life that pleases him. We focus the experience around food and cooking while showing children how they intersect all parts of daily life including science, nutrition, family, and love for your community. Packed with activities like Bible Lessons, gardening, cooking, and community work, we seek to show them in a practical way what God can do.

Yorkshire Pudding
Yorkshire Pudding

Experience our week long Bible-Focused summer camp learning how to cook and how the food we eat intersects our lives through science, community, and God. Kids will be cooking there own food for lunch everyday in a safe environment. Kids 1st -6th welcome. 7th-12th grade students take on a leadership role as sous chefs, aiding working in addition to more advanced cooking. As a half day camp hours will be between 9:00 - till around 12:30pm with drop off beginning at 8:30.

**In order to mitigate costs for "No-Shows" there is a registration fee of $15 dollars per kid/ or $50 dollars per family to register for camp for the week w/ Need-Based Scholarships Available**

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