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RightNow Media is designed to equip the church with tools to facilitate Bible studies, personal devotions, Sunday schools, and ministerial/leadership skills.


RightNow Media tiene una creciente colección de videos en español. Estos serían complementos perfectos para su adoración, estudios bíblicos o incluso entretenimiento en el hogar.


Devotions are a daily part of many of our lives. RightNow Media has many devotional videos to supplement your daiy devotional needs. Click here for our list or see what the whole library has to offer.

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By clicking here you can have access to this incredible Library as well. You do not even have to be a member to enjoy all the Christian media you could possibly want!!

Bible Studies

Temple Baptist has curated a list of Bible studies that we personally enjoy. Clicking here will bring you to our selected studies that we encourage you to check out.


Bible based growth is important for all people but especially the young ones in our life. Right now Media has a large selection of kid appropriate videos for home viewing, Sunday schools, or vacation bible schools.

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