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Helping hands

Helping Hands is a food and clothing ministry seeking to reach out and combat hunger and homelessness in the Greater Wilmington Area. They distribute everything from canned goods and refrigerated food, to clothing and local restaurant pre-made meals. Click below for more information about this ministry as well as how to participate in it.


Music Ministry

Led by our Adult Choir, our music ministry is led by people of all ages. Small groups and soloists provide worshipful accents to our worship. Come during a Service led by our children's choir to have an amazing worshiping experience as they share what they have learned and participate in worship with our sanctuary choir.

Music Sheets

Senior Adult Ministry

Temple has an active senior adult ministry that has quarterly activities traveling throughout the Carolinas for Musical Theater Productions, tours and event nights.


Cooking Camp Jr.

Our cooking  camp series working to teach kids practical cooking skills in combination with Biblical truths. here they learn science behind cooking, where there food comes from, and how it connects us as people. Ran as a VBS-alternative and as one-off Christmas event.

Cooking Camp Jr. LRG Logo.png

Sound and Video

Our sound team is responsible for running all the audio and video equipment throughout a given church service. The video is streamed to our Facebook and recordings of last weeks service as well as audio from the pastor's sermons are cataloged for convenience and posterity.

Sound Mixer
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